Add an Extra Inch

If you’re not satisfied with the size of your penis, you are not alone. Like most men you wish that you could increase the size of your penis, but it might not be as easy as rubbing a magic lamp. Fortunately, there is a way to grow your penis longer and increase sexual pleasure for you and your partner even if it is just by an inch but then does that extra inch make all the difference?

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Little known penis facts:

  • Getting better with age: Did you know that as you grow older your penis will continue to grow thicker?
  • When your penis is flaccid, it varies greatly in size, however, when it is erect, it doesn’t.
  • All your partner truly cares about is what happens once the party is ready to get started. Stressing over your flaccid penis will only carry over into the bedroom. Instead, focus on what you have at the moment and work it for all its worth.
  • Stop comparing your penis with other men. It’s important to note that male pornographic actors usually casted for their highly unusual penis size. They are the rare occasion, not the norm.

The Unfortunate Truth about Bigger Penises

Before seeking after a large penis, realize that outermost portion of a woman’s vagina is where most of her nerves reside. The deeper you penetrate her, the less you actually are stimulating areas that matter most. Some women have reported that a longer penis has made sex painful in some cases. So while you may not feel your penis is doing the job, it very well may not have received any complaints in the first place.

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